Most of our clients come because of pain, Women come during their pregnancy or for infertility issues.


Pain is a complex symptom and sometimes a disease by itself. All sort of pain bring people to our services.

The most frequent pains are neck and back pain. Some clients also come for carpal tunnel syndrom, tennis elbow or shoulder pain.

The most important thing in treating pain is to precisely identify the origin of the pain: Do we have an inflammatory condition, knots, muscle tensions or a pinched nerve. Osteopaths are perfectly trained to recognize the issue and can treat you efficiently. Of course we are not qualified to treat all diseases and we never hesitate to send you back to your doctor.

What to say about chronic pains! It is by definition difficult to get rid of them: Fibromyalgia, herniated disc, headache… However the global and integrated osteopathic approach might be the solution in your case.

Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman sees her body undergo multiple transformations: the digestive organs are pushed up with the increased volume of the uterus, the bladder is compressed, the pelvis changes significantly, there is an increased supply of blood and lymph and many hormonal changes.

Osteopathic treatments are very helpful for this. It can help the body make the necessary adjustments, but it also allows the woman to understand through the sense of touch how her body has changed and its new limits. It also frees the fears that may arise with the unknown changes of pregnancy.

Sometimes there are changes in the lumbar and cervical spine that causes pain, which osteopathy helps to reduce. And remember that relaxed muscles and a free pelvis is the basis for an easy delivery.