La Trame® is a technique created in 1990 by Patrick Burensteinas. Mr. Burensteinas has scientific training, where his studies helped him to develop this technique that influence vibrational energy flow in our body.

The technique of La Trame®

The technique of La Trame® is divided into a sequence of 16 movements developed by Patrick Burensteinas and given by a qualified practitioner.

Its purpose is to allow a better flow of information within the body. Our experiences or unexpressed emotions can cause disturbances that need to be removed such as a rock on a carpet that needs to be shaken off.

The sequence is to remove these obstacles, and to restore the smooth flow of harmonious energy.

Why would I have a Trame®?

La Trame® is open to anyone wishing to improve their overall being. It can be used from time to time, to solve a particular problem or on a more regular basis, in a process of personal development.


(An English translation will follow)
“Je n’en reviens pas des effets de cette technique La Trame®. J’ai consulté des sites à ce sujet et je me reconnais dans les commentaires qui sont données: calme, meilleur sommeil, moins envie de grignoter, plus en harmonie avec moi-même, meilleure capacité de prendre des décisions. J’ai été capable de lâcher-prise par rapport à mon prochain projet de publication. Je me mettais beaucoup de pression pour y travailler en décembre alors que l’énergie n’est pas là. Surtout pour travailler un sujet comme les sentiments et émotions, c’est important de se sentir bien avec soi-même. Ouff! je me sens mieux, je vais davantage profiter de la période du temps des fêtes.
Merci de m’avoir fait découvrir cette approche,”


English translation “I cannot believe the effects of the La Trame® technique. I consulted various websites on this subject and I feel exactly like the comments I read on the web: calm, sleeping better, less cravings, more in tune with myself, better ability to make decisions. I was able to let go the pressure I had put on myself over my next publishing project. I was pushing myself to work in December, while my energy was not there; Especially on a subject involving feelings and emotions. It is important to feel good about yourself. Ouff! I feel better, I will now be able to enjoy the Christmas time. Thank you for making me discover this approach.”